The holiday season is undoubtedly a romantic one.  No matter what or if you celebrate or where you live, the idea of snuggling up in the cold weather (even if it doesn’t include a snowy landscape) with the person you love is a simplistic joy that somehow feels magical just because it’s the holiday season.
So what can you do to make it even more special when the person you love is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with?  If you’re in this situation, we don’t have to tell you that the question isn’t a light one and you want everything to be just perfect when you pop the big question.
How can you make the already magical holiday season just right for your loved one?  We have some unique proposal ideas for you, whether you celebrate the holiday season or not.
The hardest part of the perfect proposal can be making it unique to your relationship.  If you’re big on having a wonderful Christmastime, consider personalizing an advent calendar.  Instead of little chocolates or brick-a-brack, fill each day with a special memory or a reason why you love your partner.  This, of course, all leads up to the big day: either hide the ring in the calendar or just a slip of paper that says “turn around” and when s/he does, you’ll be on your knee ready to ask for the rest of your partner’s life.
Another surprising way to pop the question during Christmas festivities is to use the Christmas staple, the tree.  Hide the engagement ring as an ornament.  You could do this in a varieity of ways: by hiding it within an ornament that she has to open, by tying the ring box itself to the tree, or but tying the ring to a string and adding it to your collection of decorations before you start decorating for you partner to find during your tree trimming.
Worry not, we have ideas for those who don’t celebrate Christmas too.
If you celebrate Hanukkah, you could do something very similar to the advent calendar idea.  On each day of Hanukkah, give a gift or reminder of a certain memory or reason why you love your partner.  This, like with the advent calendar, leads up to the last day, on which the final present will be your big proposal.
If you get more excited about the idea of celebrating New Year’s Eve, there are multiple ways to incorporate your proposal into your favorite celebration.  Perfect for those partners who love the spotlight is the party proposal.  Throw a New Year’s Eve party with your closest friends and recruit them for help.  During the all-important countdown to midnight have everyone join in, until the last second.  Imagine your partner’s face when the countdown from ten turns from a loud “4, 3, 2” to everyone dropping into silence and you dropping onto your knee.
If you know your partner would shudder at the idea of such a public proposal, you can still pop an NYE proposal, but in a more intimate way.  Instead of a party with your friends, throw one for just you and your partner, and when the clock strikes midnight pop the question and share that New Year’s kiss after s/he’s said yes.
Not into holidays or parties?  You can still have a proposal that’s just as romantic.
Plan a whimsical day playing in the snow and having a snowman building “competition.”  Find sturdy branches and bring scarves and other accessories for each of you to use.  However, your snow people will have one big difference: yours will have an engagement ring attached to its arm and a sign that says, “Marry Me?”
If you’re into something more direct, write it out!  Using string lights, spell out your question in front of your house.  Secretly plan to have some family or friends over after a date night out, and let them know when you’re walking up to the house so that they can flip the switch to give your partner the biggest surprise of their lives and an engagement party to boot.
No matter which holiday-themed proposal you choose to use, you’re sure to secure the heart of your loved one and a yes to your question if you’re sure to show your love.
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