How to Hint at the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

How to Hint at the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Does your partner tend to feel lost when it comes what to get you for holidays, anniversaries, and other special occasions? There’s no need for him to spend hours searching for the perfect gift or to seek out an overpriced bouquet of flowers at the last minute to make Valentine’s Day special. From direct to more subtle, we are sharing our top tips to help him figure out what you really want for Valentine’s Day.

Show And Tell

If you’re browsing on your phone and come across something you like (jewelry, a restaurant, or activity you can do together), don’t be afraid to show it to him. While you’re at it, ask him his opinion on it, too!

Turn to Pinterest

While you are pinning your Valentine’s Day outfit ideas, why not also create a board for Valentine’s Day gift ideas? If he is active on Pinterest, he will most likely see it on his own. If you want to be more straightforward, create a board titled “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas” and share it with him.

How to Hint at the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Window Shop

If you happen to shop together, point out a few things you particularly. You might be surprised to find that your significant other is paying a lot more attention than it seems.

Walk Down Memory Lane

Has your partner knocked it out of the park on a previous Valentine’s Day or another occasion? Bring up how much that meant to you— and don’t forget to include the specific parts that made it special, such as if he kept it a surprise, the restaurant you went to, a gift he gave you. This might inspire duplicate success!

Give Them an Early Gift

If your partner is more forgetful or didn’t pick up on the other hints, consider surprising him with your gift a few days before Valentine’s Day. This sets the bar for what kind of gift you hope to receive, and reminds him that the holiday is around the corner!

How to Hint at the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Talk to Them

Last but not least, there is always the option to be direct. If there’s something you really want, tell them. Having an open conversation about gifts— including whether or not you’re going to splurge on something or opt something small— can be helpful for both of you.

Tag Them

Facebook and Instagram allow you to tag your significant other in any public post. Tag your partner on social posts that feature engagement ring styles, specific jewelry, or date ideas that you like. As Valentine’s Day approaches, your significant other will have a digital copy of your favorite things. Find gift ideas on our Instagram here

How to Hint at the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Tell A Friend

Whether it is an engagement ring, piece of jewelry, or date idea, people often consult their partner’s friends for advice. Make sure your friends know what you want to make things easier for everyone is they ask!


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