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Reiner's Fine Jewelry Custom Testimonials

I Came to Reiner’s for my now fiance’s Engagement ring. Best Decision I made all year. I Visited Reiner’s after reading several reviews on yelp, and after one visit I knew this was the place. I already had the diamond I wanted to use for the ring and Steven designed a beautiful custom halo cushion setting to match the diamond perfectly. It is a Family-run shop and has been around for quite sometime. I was really impressed with the customer service. Steven was very patient, worked with me on the price, and was transparent throughout his thought process along the way. Not to mention, the time it took to make the ring which only took about a week or so. He gained my trust over the course of the buying process. We will definitely be coming back to Reiner’s for our Wedding bands.

Joe H. (via Yelp)

This is the first place I picked (from Yelp) to shop for a ring for my fiancee. I walked in without knowing much about jewelry. But I was assisted by a person who was extremely professional and nice, who explained to me all the different qualities of a diamond. I felt very comfortable, I really liked what I chose (and my fiancee did too), so I didn’t feel the need to check other jewelries. The service was very fast and they later offered to adjust the size of the ring, at no cost of course (and they even changed the battery of my watch). I’m definitely coming back here for any future jewelry shopping.

Vincenzo P. (via Yelp)

“The point is, the staff keeps you coming back by doing a great job in balancing price with quality.”

Nathimus (via CitySearch)

“BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN TOWN!!! I have found my new jewelry store for life!”

Bestest Grammy (via CitySearch)

Just wanted to reiterate how awesome this place is. I came back with my fiance to get his wedding band and they were very patient with him and his questions as he’s not a big jewelry guy. I also had them appraise and clean an antique ring for my wedding band and they made it noticeably more beautiful. They also were able to deliver the rings ahead of schedule in time for our wedding day. Love this place!

Holly P. (via Yelp)

“Go see Irv and get the engagement ring of your dreams for a reasonable price and excellent service you wont find anywhere else.”

Econgrad (via CitySearch)

“I will not shop for jewelry any place else in this city. This store is a gem in this city!”

MrsALP (via CitySearch)

I took my great-grandmother’s antique, 18k white gold ring here (which I use as my engagement ring) to be sized and rhodium plated. The ring had been rhodium plated the year before by another jeweler in Houston, but it still looked quite yellow especially in comparison to other white gold and platinum wedding bands. I was disheartened by my ring’s yellowness and wasn’t sure if it would ever match my wedding band. Luckily, I found Reiner’s through Yelp. Reiner’s service was excellent and very fast. Not only does my ring look perfect now, but it was very inexpensive to get it that way. I am so happy. Reiner’s has definitely won my business.

ChristiAnn B. (via Yelp)

“We picked Reiner’s because the staff is highly professional, very knowledgeable and extremely helpful and patient”…”The Reiner’s are committed to customer satisfaction, and they are my jeweler of choice from now on.”

Zigger (via CitySearch)

“Run, don’t walk, to Reiner’s for all your fine jewelry needs!”

Wisconsin2 (via CitySearch)

Very happy with Reiners. My engagement ring lost a small side diamond around a year after it was purchased from Reiners. They replaced the stone free of charge without any hassle. They do a lot of custom work as well, my fiancé worked with them to design a fantastic set.

Erin G. (via Yelp)

We had Reiner’s do a custom-made wedding band using tiny diamonds from a necklace I had. They did a really fantastic job for a price far below what we expected, and they even did detailing to have the wedding band match the engagement ring we already purchased. I was really impressed with how quickly they did the order as well.

Katherine B. (via Yelp)

I highly recommend Reiner’s. I walked in with little knowledge of diamonds, but Steven educated on me on all the diamond characteristics. I was able to find the perfect diamond and setting for my fiancé, all within my budget! Steven was also able to work with us on getting the ring resized, as my fiancé lives out of state. Brought the ring in on a Friday and had it back Saturday before noon! If you want a quality diamond from a knowledgeable and flexible dealer, Reiner’s is the place for you!

Philip R. (via Yelp)

“Houston’s Best Jeweler….Hand’s Down!”

Mhester (via CitySearch)

Reiner’s is a great place. The shop is stunningly bright and shiny when you walk in. I came here to get an engagement ring for my now fiancée (I proposed this past weekend). I did not find a ring in their selection that matched what I thought my fiancée would want, but after talking to Steven Reiner, I learned they would custom make a setting for me. Going off of a singular picture from pinterest, they were able to make a setting that my fiancée actually loved more than the original. I had no prior knowledge of ring making or diamond selection, but Steven was patient and honest each step of the way. My tip to anyone looking for a custom setting is to be patient — it could take a few iterations, but Steven will have a wax made until you are satisfied with the result, before casting. The overall time was about 1.5 months from first visit to delivery, but it was perfect timing for me, and they were able to deliver just in time for when I planed to propose. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for an engagement ring or wedding bands. I intend to go back here to have our wedding bands made!

Josh W. (via Yelp)