Peridot the August Birthstone: Precious Gemstones in Houston, TX

Peridot the August Birthstone: Precious Gemstones in Houston, TX

Reiner’s Fine Jewelry carries peridot, as well as a wide selection of other Precious Gemstones in Houston, TX. Peridot is the birthstone for August. A magnificent and unique stone, peridot jewelry makes an excellent gift for anyone born in August.  “Peridot” is a French word and it is thought to derive from the Arabic word, “faridat,” meaning “gem.” Peridot which is a gem-quality olivine, is an ancient stone that has been mined for over 3,500 years. It is now thought that Cleopatra’s famous emeralds were probably peridots. Peridots were highly prized throughout Greek and Roman times coming mostly from mines on St. John’s island in the Red Sea.


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Peridot Bracelet


Peridot Green


Peridots can range from bright green to a mossy green-brown color. Peridot green is a warmer, earthier green than emerald green. Bright green peridots are the most highly prized. Vibrant, happy and alive, a beautiful peridot has a charm all its own. This warm stone is also steeped in meaning. Peridot was carried during Roman times to ward off evil spirits and to keep the person who carried the stone free from harm. This stone also symbolizes abundance and joy. Unlike many other gemstones, peridot comes only in one color. It is always green to a green-brown. From this perhaps, comes the gem’s symbolism for constancy and decisiveness.


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Peridot Ring


Peridot in Jewelry


Peridots look especially good on women with green or hazel eyes. However, the earthy, unique character of peridot make this the perfect gemstone for anyone who loves nature, the great outdoors or wholesome things. Peridot is relatively hard (6.5-7) so it can be worn in rings and other pieces of jewelry that are worn all the time. This gem pairs beautifully with diamonds. The cold clarity of the diamond strikes a perfect balance with the warmth of peridot. Peridot also looks fantastic with stones in complimentary colors such as rubies and coral.  Colored stones make a beautiful addition to any jewelry box and peridot is a unique earthy addition to consider, especially for anyone born in August! Reiner’s Fine Jewelry carries a wide variety of precious gemstones in Houston, TX. Come in today and explore!


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Peridot Ring with Diamonds