Man’s Guide to Holiday Jewelry Shopping

Man’s Guide to Holiday Jewelry Shopping

Jewelry is an intimate gift that says, “I love you”. Whether for your mother, daughter or love of your life, the woman that receives the gift of jewelry is adored. However, as much as nothing says, I love you like a set of diamond earrings, shopping for someone else is a lot of pressure. As shoppers, we don’t always know what she will love or worse—hate. Therefore, it’s wise to do a little research and find out how you can best be prepared to find your woman the perfect gift of jewelry this holiday season.

Speak her language
Women are famous for their elusive behaviors, however learning how to read them will make gifting easier. Believe it or not, women lay subtle hints all the time and especially around the holiday season. They do this because they want you to succeed. In this case, if you decide jewelry is on your list for that special someone in your life, start paying attention early. She will be more than happy to tell you in her own indirect manner. Furthermore, you can imply interest in jewelry collections. She most certainly will take the bait, for example, when walking by a jeweler, it’s your chance to stop and window shop, see what peaks her interest. The trick here is to be very slight in your own interest, as not to reveal the surprise, hence early planning is highly recommended when speaking her language.

Talk to her friends
If you still are on the fence on what to get your lady, or feel tempting her at a shop window is simply too risky —you must ask her friends. Her friends will know, simply for the fact they more than likely have talked together about jewelry they want to receive. Furthermore, they know each other’s tastes. There is no harm done in reaching out to a friend. Once your gift has been given and she loves it, you can chuckle and tell her all the snoop work done in finding her precious piece —she’ll love you that much more for the efforts involved.

Look at her
Look at her and pay attention to the jewelry pieces she is already wearing. Ask yourself, what does she like? Does she wear dainty pieces of yellow gold, or vintage inspired precious metals. Compliment her on what she does wear and see what see says. There might be a story that will giveaway how she really feels about her jewelry, hopefully enough details to get you in the know.

Find her something that has significance
Women love thoughtful gifts, in fact who doesn’t? For this reason, a gift that speaks a thousand words will be well received. Think about your relationship from beginning to end. Any parts that stand out and how those can be reflected in a piece of jewelry. Let’s say your first date was at Perla’s Oyster Bar, and you decide to get her a pearl necklace with a little note inside the box beckoning that day back to life —she’ll be swooning. Thoughtful actions melt hearts. By adding that special touch of her specifically to your choice, you will be a winner. Other options include significant dates engraved into a piece or selecting a gemstone that is concurrent with her birth month, which always draws a more personal note to the gift.

Final notes
Finally, a few things worth noting before making a purchase. Talk to a jeweler you trust. You want to purchase your jewelry from a jeweler with a well-established reputation, in this way you can rest assured that your purchase is equivalent to the quality to promised. A lot of precious stones, most notably diamonds have negative origins and this may be of importance to your lady. Purchasing stones of quality and ethical backgrounds shouldn’t be a confusing task from a reputable jeweler. If you do not know of a good jeweler, try asking friends or family members for a recommendation. Finally, take a deep breath and when in doubt trust your instincts, if you are ready to make an intimate gesture toward a loved woman, you are probably a discerning gentleman.