Everything’s Coming Up Rose Gold

Everything’s Coming Up Rose Gold

Think pink!  Rose gold jewelry is a hot item right now. This soft hued metal has become popular in everything from necklaces to engagement rings to iPhones.  But is it really gold?  And how long has it actually been around?
Russian Gold
Rose gold actually first became popular in 19th century Russia.  No one knows exactly who figured out how to create this perfectly colored piece of jewelry, but that didn’t stop it from spreading like fire.  It was popularly called “Russian gold” during this time because of its great popularity and aesthetic appeal among the Russian population.
Is It Really Gold?
In terms of purity, rose gold is no different than white or yellow gold.  Because of this, it’s popularity in important big ticket items like rose gold engagement rings has become not only perfectly acceptable but truly sought after.
Pure gold is naturally very soft.  To make it work for the purposes of jewelry, it is usually alloyed (mixed) with another metal so that it can withstand the test of time.  Rose gold comes from the alloy of gold and copper.  The more copper in the alloy, the more pink the rose gold earrings or necklace looks.
Rose gold’s popularity surges today as pieces with femininity and color fill jewelry store displays. (Image courtesy of Sani Jewellery)
Rose Gold Throughout the Years
Like most fashion trends, the popularity of rose gold has risen and fallen throughout the decades.  After the Russians first introduced the jewelry in the 1800s, it became very popular during the Mid-Victorian Era in England.  Pink was the true color of romance, so adding a tint of pink to jewelry was everyone’s favorite style choice at this time.

It’s most recognized peak in popularity was in the late ‘20s.  Cartier released a very popular item called the Trinity Band, which was made up of three smaller bands twisted together.  These bands were different colors: white gold, yellow gold, and, of course, rose gold.

It lost its popularity to platinum in the Art Deco era, as monochromatic color schemes were of the utmost popularity during this time.  However, when World War II started, the government banned the use of platinum amongst civilians so that it could be used for wartime materials.  Rose gold struck the scene again.

A lot of the jewelry that is valued as “retro” today includes or is completely made of rose gold, because the pink hued gold and its yellow counterpart were popular until the ‘50s.
So, Why is Rose Gold Back Now?
Like when the Art Deco style became popular and the jewelry industry was all about black and white, the ‘90s experienced the same flux of monochromatic popularity.  The feeling of vintage and retro went out of style, and rose gold went with it.

Today, femininity and color are back in the spotlight, leaving silver and white gold in the last millennium.  The soft pink hue of the gold is a great way to blend old and new, creating new jewelry looks that can look vintage or modern.

The best part?  It suits everyone.  It looks great against all skin tones and ages, with or without gemstones or diamonds, and with casual or elegant ensembles.
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