Complement Your Jewelry with These Four Easy Makeup Pairings

Complement Your Jewelry with These Four Easy Makeup Pairings

Makeup and Jewelry Pairings to Make Your Wardrobe Sparkle
They say the perfect jewelry ties your outfit together, but your makeup can enhance your whole ensemble.

Matching your makeup to your jewelry can be a fun way to subtly play up the drama in your look. It’s also a great way to wear your most favorite statement pieces without letting them overwhelm your outfit. It’s not just about coordinating colors. It’s also important to know which features to highlight to maintain harmony between all of your wardrobe elements. Here are a few ideas to get your started.

Classic Pieces
Simple accessories don’t mean you can’t have fun. Turn up the drama with wardrobe staples to really bring out your jewelry’s shine. Pair simple, classic accessories like solitaire necklaces and stud earrings with a dramatic cat eye and bold lip color. This combo will play up the classiness of your look without overstating it.

Matching Metals
For jewelry that prominently features a precious metal such as gold or silver, build your eyeshadow color palette from those colors. Brassy tones like warm browns, reds and purples play well with gold, while cooler colors such as black, grey and blue work well with silver. This works best with large, chunky necklaces and layered bangle bracelets.

Naturally Delicate
If your jewelry and outfit are more conservative, your makeup should be as well. Opt for neutral colors or a natural, dewy complexion to give your look a polished balance. Finish with a nude lip or the slightest pop of pink.

Playful Statement Earrings
Large, sparkly or dangling earrings tend to draw people to your eyes, so keep your eyeshadow understated. Instead, wear a bold lip color to tie it together and bring out the beauty of your face.

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