where to hide jewelry at home

8 of the Best Places to Hide Your Jewelry in Your Home

Where To Hide Jewelry In Your House

In the unfortunate event that a thief decides to unlawfully enter your home, they’re going to be on a mission to get as many valuable items as quickly as possible. As a result, there are some easily-accessible places in your home that a thief is bound to look first. In order to outsmart them, you should be on a mission yourself: hide your valuables in places that burglars won’t think to look.

The recommended places to hide jewelry are those that thieves either can’t easily access or won’t think to look, such as places that are difficult to access, inconvenient, or cluttered. Check out some of these ideas:


Where to Hide Your Jewelry in Your Home

Here Are the Top 10:

● Try wrapping your valuables in plastic or aluminum foil and placing them in the back of the freezer. This doubles as a great place to store important

documents and irreplaceable photos in case of a house fire.

● Hollowed-out books. Is a burglar really going to take the time to search through every book on your shelf in hopes of striking it rich? If there’s only one or two books on your shelf, then the answer is probably yes. To turn your bookshelf into a great hiding place, make sure your library is well-stocked enough for the burglar to view it as an inconvenient place to search.

● Fake containers in the kitchen pantry, bathroom closet, or under the sink. Think false food boxes and cans, empty cleaning product bottles, and hygiene product packaging. Or how about a heavy tub of cat litter? Your thief probably doesn’t want to become that kind of cat burglar.

● Beneath the plastic liner of the trash can in your kitchen or bathroom makes a great hiding spot. Who wants to go through your messy trash on the off chance that they’ll find something valuable? Just make sure you don’t forget your valuables are there when you take out the garbage!

● Inside a houseplant. Similar to the false bottom in your trashcan, the soil of a plant can be held in a waterproof liner that may be lifted to hide items underneath. Just make sure the goodies you’re concealing are contained in a waterproof receptacle as well. And once again, don’t forget that they’re there!

● Inside a false wall outlet. Ensure the socket is not live, and it’s not close to any electrical wires.

● A VHS tape carton. On the list of items that are pretty valueless these days, VHS tapes are among the top. The same rule that applies to books applies here: one or two is a clue that you’re hiding something. Keep multiple on-hand if you choose this route.

● In the attic or garage within boxes marked with labels that are uninteresting for a thief, such as “Christmas Decorations” or “Tax Returns”.
Hiding Places to Avoid:
● A jewelry box. It’s the most desirable and convenient place for you, but it’s those things for a thief as well. This is a fine place to keep jewelry that you wouldn’t be devastated to lose, but it’s the worst place to hide your diamond dangle earrings or your mother’s antique engagement ring.

● Inside CD cases. Although they may be pretty low-value, thieves won’t pass up the opportunity to grab handfuls and sell them for $5 each.

● Areas where you valuables could be damaged by water or other harmful elements, such as inside a paint can that still has drops of paint.

● Your desk drawer, bedside drawer, or sock drawer. These spots are much too obvious.

● Any locked box or locking file cabinet. Any container that has a visible lock on it will be stolen no matter what’s inside. You can count on the thieves taking the “take now, open later” approach.

● Inside picture frames with false backs/interiors. These are oftentimes thicker than everyday picture frames. As a result, they may easily catch a burglar’s eye.

● A cookie jar. Again, much too obvious.

● An electrical appliance or area that heats up, such as the base of a lamp, behind your toaster oven, or inside your HVAC duct. While it’s true that following these tips when hiding your valuable may make your day-to-day a little more inconvenient, they may just save your prized possessions from a would-have-been burglar.