Rock One of the World’s Most Valuable Gemstones on Your Jewelry
Rarity—it’s enough to peak the interest of even the most blasé jewelry connoisseurs. Have you ever gotten your hands on a hard-to-find gemstone? Rare gemstones can sell for unbelievable prices and form in locations across the globe. Forbes Magazine notes thousands of mineral types on earth, some of which we’ll never see.

Given the sparse supply, obscure gems may be challenging to track down. But if you know where to purchase them, and you’ve got the pocketbook for them, rare gemstones aren’t impossible to obtain. Peruse some of the world’s most extraordinary gemstones and find one that’ll turn the spiffiest of heads at the yacht club.


Alexandrite: Hailing from Russia’s Ural Mountains, according to Geology IN, alexandrite’s color shifts depending to which type of light it’s exposed. Forbes Magazine claims the gemstone bears a more emerald gleam in brighter light as opposed to a ruby color in darker settings.

Geology IN recognizes Tsar Alexander II of Russia as the namesake of the gem. Though it’s sold in places like Brazil and Sri Lanka, the stone remains in high demand and sells for around $12,000 per carat, according to Geology IN.


Jadeite: Not to be mistaken as jade, jadeite usually forms in Myanmar and remains known for its deep green color. According to Geology IN, a jadeite necklace once sold for almost $10 million. Normally the gemstone runs for about $20,000 per carat.


Taaffeite: Though it normally hails from Sri Lanka or Tanzania, taaffeite was first found in 20th-century Ireland when it had been cut, polished and mistaken for another gemstone, according to Forbes Magazine. Given taaffeite’s extreme rarity, the gemstone goes for about $35,000 per carat, as noted by the Agency.  

Grandidierite: Gracing its admirers with a cool blue green, grandidierite was originally found in Madagascar and named after Alfred Grandidier, an explorer during the early 20th century, according to Forbes Magazine notes the gemstone running about $20,000 per carat.      


Red Diamond: Known as one of the most expensive gemstones, the red diamond stands at only 30 in number around the globe, according to the Agency. Admirers of the rarity must currently pay around $1 million per carat to claim the gemstone as their own.

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