Left Hand, Fourth One: Why is that Our Wedding Ring Finger?
See that shiny, beautiful ring on your left hand? When that special someone gave it to you, you slipped it on there and showed it off to your friends.
So why it is on that finger? Obviously because you’re married or engaged.
But why do we put wedding rings on our left hand on that certain finger? There’s a history behind it with reason stemming from an ancient understanding that’s been disproved in our modern time. Yet is one prominent theory still true today? You decide.
It Runs in Our Veins
One popular historical reason comes from tale of vena amoris, a vein believed in ancient times to run from the fourth ring finger on the left hand all the way to the heart. Due to the special connection, wedding rings were placed on the ring finger to symbol a powerful relationship of love.
However, as science progressed, individuals dismissed the notion of a vein unique to one finger, citing the fact all arteries and capillaries throughout the body all eventually connect to the heart. Couples continued to place rings on the finger in question despite the concept’s invalidation.
A Chinese theory deems the wedding ring finger as the fourth one, as it’s nearly impossible to separate it from the other using the theory’s accompanying hand exercise.
Chinese Ring Finger Theory
A theory created by the Chinese designates the ring finger as the one on which to wear a wedding ring through a hand exercise. Place your hands together, matching your thumbs, index fingers, ring fingers and pinky fingers. Match the two middle segments of your middle fingers so they’re touching.
Each pair of fingers represents a group of your family. The thumbs symbol your parents, the index fingers symbol your siblings, the middle fingers symbol you, the index fingers represent your spouse and the pinky fingers represent your children.
Slowly try to separate each of your fingers one at a time and only after you’ve reconnected all of the other fingers with their matches. You can separate your thumbs because you are meant to part from your parents and move on to independence. The index fingers separate because you are meant to leave your siblings to lead a separate life.
The pinky fingers can separate because your children will grow and move on to live their own lives. But if you try to separate your ring fingers, it’s almost impossible to do so. As the Chinese theory goes, the reason lies in that you are meant to stay with your spouse your entire life, never to separate unless by death. Therefore, wedding rings remain on ring fingers.
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