Why Are June Weddings So Popular?
It happens around the same time every year.
As you’re opening your mailbox, expecting a few bills and junk circulars, the save the dates and wedding invitations come pouring out. As you’re planning hotel rooms and travel methods, perhaps you’ve pondered the reason your bank account must take a hit around the summertime on account of your fellow love birds.
A multitude of factors surround wedding date choices, but two of our lovely Roman mythology characters are partially to blame. However, as women continue to become June brides, their reasons for choosing the sixth month of the year may now be based more on logic than tradition.
God and Goddess
The June bride tradition supposedly stems from the marriage of Roman god Jupiter and goddess Juno. People celebrated the couple on the first day of June with a festival.
As told by Encyclopedia Britannica, Juno stood as the goddess of childbirth and as the female essence of life in general. The Huffington Post credits her with being the goddess of marriage as well. Every woman was known to have her juno, serving as a guardian angel for females.
Therefore, it became only natural to choose June for marriage, which would, in hopes of some newlyweds, lead to pregnancy. Prosperity and happiness were also hoped to follow the marriage in Juno’s name.
Bath Time or Bad Myth?
Another believed benefit of June weddings came with the occasion that people bathed annually in May; therefore, by June, a bride would still emit a semi-pleasant smell and could mask the body odor by holding flowers, spurring the bouquet tradition. The plants would be available during June and would be able to be used for wedding decorations.
However, an About Education article busts the flower theory, stating in medieval England, for example, June arrived in coincidence with a new harvest and fresh flowers for wedding feasts and decorations. As for smelling good, though many did not necessarily take baths as we know them, people did wash themselves regularly.
By the late ninth century, soap became available throughout Europe, and public bathhouses existed. Contrary to belief, it was practically just as frowned upon to smell odorous as it is today.
Thoughts of the Pragmatist
Though tradition remains important to many, couples often choose June for weddings now because of ease. It’s generally easier for people to get off of work, and it eliminates your flower girl or ring bearer having to miss school.
For weddings held at a faraway location, some destinations may actually be less pricey in June due to the off-season status of some resorts. And, if you choose a breezy location like the beach, your guests can run to the water to cool off and enjoy the sunshine rather than deal with shivers and slush at a winter wedding.