Why Etiquette Matters
With Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, you may have spent a little time thinking about what you should get for your significant other. Perhaps it’s early into your relationship and you’re unsure how much to spend. Alternatively, this could be the love of your life and you’ve only been together three months. It’s important to share how you feel—and you want a gift that symbolizes your feelings. The etiquette to gifting during Valentines does exist and it is certainly worth noting a few resourceful clues to get a real gauge on what is the best way to express yourself gift-wise this Valentine’s Day.
One month or Less

Typically, if you have been dating for a month or less, your choices are meager. Not for the fact there isn’t an abundance of gift options. Not even for the fact you might not know your partner so well just yet as to recognize her taste or his style, but you certainly don’t want to over do it and scare them into thinking you are an obsessive romantic. That can make a person run the other way and not look back. Therefore, the simple rule here is to seek out a gift that symbolizes romance in a sweet caring way. A card that speaks your language and a box of chocolates can’t hurt. However, if you want to go a little distance because you really like this person, then a pair of earrings won’t go unnoticed. By purchasing a pair of studs, the earrings will have a simple elegance that marks class, and a good sense of style on your part. Studs are not overkill, and can be worn every day! It’s a win win. Try a pair of simple gold or silver studs, or step it up with her birthstone.
Three to Six Months
If you have been dating for three to six months, a lot more options are on the table! By now you have a good grasp of what your girlfriend or boyfriend likes. Cupcakes and homemade sweet treats will never go a miss, even concert tickets make an excellent gift because you both get to share an evening together. However, it’s worth noting your lady might have high hopes for a special necklace or charm bracelet. By the time three to six month’s roles around, she may have dropped a few hints to help you along the way. Gifts that will add a little flavor to her style and make her feel special are perfect when your relationship is still in the early stages but has crossed the Rubicon into serious territory. Let her know you care about her with a charm bracelet that says something significant, or perhaps has a heart.
Over Six Months
By the time you have passed the six-month milestone, you’re officially in a long-term relationship. Why not make a statement that let’s her know how you feel? It might be too soon for a ring, since they are typically associated with proposals. Jewelry is certainly a swoon-worthy
gift for the woman you love. Perhaps select a stone that has significance to your relationship or one that you know she loves. By picking the gemstone that she is fond of in a pair of earrings or necklace, you have made a thoughtful choice that shows dedication on your end.
Over a Year
After a year of dating, there is a strong commitment between you and your partner that should be celebrated. What better day to celebrate your union than on Valentine’s day? Take a moment to share affection with one another by giving a special gift. At this point, a pair of diamond earrings or an Art Deco bangle would give your girlfriend and reason to get a little flush. Thoughtful gifts with style will give her a sense of the good thing you know is going. Furthermore, if you really want to impress your man, perhaps it’s time to make an equally daring gesture and purchase a pair of cufflinks that have personal appeal, tickets to a sporting event or wristwatch of quality and style. After a year of dating, don’t be afraid to show your valentine how much they mean to you.