With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s easy for the exciting event of choosing the perfect gift for your significant other to quickly become a daunting task. Flowers and chocolates won’t cut it on their own, and cutesy trinkets and stuffed animals seem too cheesy. If you want something that will show the depths of your love as well as stand the test of time, jewelry is the way to go.
Buying jewelry for a loved one comes with its own set of challenges. What colors and gemstones do they prefer? Do they favor a certain style or cut? Whether you know the answer to all of these questions or none, it’s still possible to find something she’ll love.
Not sure where to start? Here are some gift ideas that your special someone will surely adore.
The Classic Never Go Out Of Style
Fashion trends come and go, some more quickly than others. What was fun and trendy a few years ago might seem dated and silly today. If you want a gift that will be worn year after year—and not out of obligation—consider something classic and timeless.
Pearls, solitaire necklaces, and simple stud earrings are wardrobe mainstays for a reason. These styles are so iconic that they’re guaranteed never to lose their appeal and have the flexibility to be worn formally or casually. Because their beauty resides in their simplicity, it’s easy to find a piece that will suit anyone’s tastes.
Symbolic Gestures Are Sure To Please
Your love may transcend words, but a heart–shaped diamond will show them how you feel. Infinity jewelry, hearts, and keys are popular symbols as well. These signature pieces are perfect for someone who loves to wear keepsake jewelry daily.
Personalize Your Gift With An Engraving
What better way to give your gift that special touch than by bestowing it with a memorable date or loving phrase? Other popular engravings include sentimental quotes, initials or monograms.For a subtle touch, hide your message on the inside of a ring band or bracelet. At Reiner’s, we offer same–day engraving in store. Most jewelry can be engraved, but the size and style of the piece will determine the length and size of the engraving.
When In Doubt, Go Custom At Reiner’s Fine Jewelry In Houston
As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts. Nothing is more thoughtful than a uniquely made piece of jewelry. At Reiner’s Jewelry, we’re experts at turning ideas into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Visit Reiner’s today and let us help you craft the perfect gift straight from the heart.