Prefer modern and essential over eccentric to make a statement? It’s your year.
Jewelry Trends Debuting in the Houston, TX Area
Jewelry trends begin 2016 with clean lines and classic cuts, making way for the tailored wearer. Look out for these five jewelry trends emerging in 2016:
Stackable Bands
Build them up with any style, number or variety. Stackable rings are set to be hot in 2016. Whether you’re choosing wedding bands or rings to go with your latest outfit, stacking them lets you have the best of as many worlds as you want. Combine modern with a touch of traditional or pair old pieces with new.
Flat Button Earrings
Large circles make a statement, but the design doesn’t a have to be crazy. In 2016, flat button earrings sport wild patterns and bright colors. But the key word is flat. There’s an array of simple, metal flat button earrings bearing small jewels or subtle logos. Stay in style, stray from convex buttons and remain classy with sleek design.
Colored Gems
Make your ring’s admirers give it a second look. Catch their eyes and add vibrance to your ring with a dab of color. Supplement beautiful diamonds with a sapphire, ruby or emerald. Color lets you stand out and stay strikingly humble at the same time with a tailored cut.
Thin Hoops
You can’t go wrong with a pair of hoop earrings, and thin is in. Though women have begun sporting very large hoops, the earring remains thin, forming a narrow hoop where sophistication trumps its fragility. Hoops distinguishing the brand, whether it’s in color or style, are popular as well. Try spicing up your new pair with dangling ornaments.
Leather Cords for Men
The new year calls for more bracelet wearing by men, especially beaded jewelry. Yet for those who want to keep it simple with a touch of earth, single leather cords show you have style without overloading your wrist. Start your men’s bracelet collection with a leather cord from Tiffany’s, where you can choose from several different colors and opt for braided or unbraided leather.
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