You’re going on an exciting vacation, and you’ve got all of your clothing and shoe combinations packed.  You have a perfect outfit for every day, but you know that each one requires a little something more to really be complete.  Maybe that’s a special pair of earrings, or a bracelet, or that necklace that you love so much.
In any case, you can’t just throw your jewelry in with everything else.  That’s a sure recipe for a tangled necklace or a scratched ring.

Buy Some Organization
If you travel frequently or bring a lot of jewelry with you when you do travel, it could be your best long-term option to invest in a travel jewelry case.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, but a good quality one will be sturdy and have different types of compartments for different types of jewelry, so be sure to check it out and ensure that there are holes for earrings, and inserts for rings and bracelets.  
If you don’t feel as if you need an entire travel case for your jewelry, consider purchasing a jewelry roll. This is just a soft, rectangular piece of fabric, so it’s inexpensive and easy to travel with.  All you do is lay your necklaces or bracelets in a row on the fabric, and roll it up so that no two pieces of jewelry are touching.  It’s a simple and effective way to keep your pieces untangled and unscratched!
There are many ways to keep jewelry safe during travel. If you don’t have a jewelry roll or travel compartment, try storing pieces in the boxes in which they originally came.
The Do-It-Yourself Way
If you don’t travel often enough to justify buying a travel jewelry case for yourself, don’t fear.  There are plenty of DIY options for keeping your favorite pieces safe while you’re on the go.
Keep your necklaces from knotting up with just a drinking straw!  Insert half of the necklace into the straw and clasp it.  The firm plastic of the straw will keep your necklace in place, so you won’t have to spend an entire day of your vacation untangling your keepsake.  If the necklace is short or if you’re trying to save a bracelet from harm, just cut down the straw to make this trick work for you!
You know all of those buttons that you have lying around that you aren’t even completely sure where they came from?  You can now put those to great use!  Use bigger buttons to keep earring pairs together and organized when you travel.  Just insert them into the holes of the buttons and clasp them on the back to keep them in place.  Wrap the buttons in a soft cloth to keep them all safely together.
If you don’t have a bunch of buttons, consider using old wine corks.  You can just poke the earrings right into a cork, wrap that in a cloth, and keep the backs in a separate bag for use.
Is your jewelry low maintenance or are you just bringing one special piece along?  Make yourself a soft pouch!  If you’ve just got a bracelet or pair of earrings to bring along, place them in a piece of soft fabric and pull up the corners of the fabric together, tying a piece of string to keep it closed tight.
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