He liked it so he put a ring on it, and now you don’t want to take said ring off? We completely understand. However, if you want your bling to continue shining bright like a diamond for a really long time (and we know you do!), it’s important to not wear it while you’re busy doing these five things.
1. Cleaning
When cleaning your house, you are vigorously using your hands to scrub, buff and scour many different surfaces and crevices. You might be wearing rubber gloves, but those won’t protect your rings from getting banged up against hard surfaces, such as countertops and floors. There’s also the possibility of damaging the stone and setting, which would require a jeweler’s expertise to reset. Further, if you’re using household cleaners that have harsh chemicals, like bleach or ammonia, those can alter the color of your ring band and stone. If you’re planning on doing any kind of deep cleaning, especially if you’re using cleaners with chemicals, take your rings off beforehand.
2. Swimming
Swimming in a pool and in the ocean are both bad ideas when wearing your rings. The chlorine in pools can discolor your band, and the salt water in the ocean can slowly damage your ring and it’s setting over time. Further, the cold water you’re swimming in can cause your fingers to “shrink,” making it easy for your rings to slip off your finger and disappear into the depths of the ocean (or pool filter). Keep your ring in a safe place when you plan to go for a swim.
3. Beauty and Moisturizing
Getting ready to go out? Moisturizing before bed? You may not realize it, but you could be damaging your ring. Lotions, moisturizers and sunscreen are all prone to building up on your ring, causing the brilliance and shine to become dull and flat over time. Hairspray, perfume and makeup are also bad for your rings, especially if they’re part of your daily routine. The grime will build up over time and a pretty diamond ring will lose its natural sparkle. When you’re applying lotions or cosmetics, remove your ring and wait for your hands to dry before putting it back on.
4. Working out
Playing sports and working out can cause you to apply pressure to your ring, like if you’re swinging a tennis racket or lifting weights. The precious metals that your band is made out of are malleable or soft, meaning that if you’re constantly putting pressure on your ring in the same spot, it will bend and the shape can change. If the ring gets bent too much, the stone’s setting can get bent as well and cause the stone to fall out. When you plan on working out or playing sports, we suggest keeping your ring safe in the locker room or at home.
5. Gardening and Yard Work
Yard work and gardening require a lot of physical exertion, and you’ll most likely be using some heavy-duty tools. Even if you’re wearing gloves, you run the risk ofchipping a diamond or knocking the ring’s setting loose when you’re using your hands so much. If you’re not wearing gloves, you can seriously damage the ring if you accidentally hit it against something, or you could even lose it in the dirt if you’re planting seeds or pulling weeds. Since you’re at home anyway, take your ring off before starting to tackle the yard.
6. Baking and Cooking
As you’re kneading the dough, it’s possible for your ring to get stuck and lost in your food! There are so many different foods that are good to mix with your hands, like meatloaf, marinated meats and pretty much all baked goods. Even if you know you’re being careful to not serve your ring for dinner, the leftover residue from whatever you just mixed is tough to get off and will leave a film on your ring, making it lose its natural luster.
As you can see, there are plenty of everyday activities that you could be doing and unintentionally putting your ring at risk to be lost or damaged. If you’re determined to maintain your ring’s brilliance and shine, it’s important to remove them before you partake in any of the above. Damaging it or making it dirty are both unfortunate, but losing your ring would be devastating. Whenever you do choose to take it off, make sure you store it in a safe place you’ll remember.