How to Know She’s Ready
Women are kind of famous for their elusive behavior. A long time complaint amongst men is simply, not understanding women. So how in the world does one know when she’s ready for marriage? Without getting cliché, women do love romance. More than likely your girlfriend has given thought to that moment her perfect match pops the question. So now you find yourself ready for a lifetime commitment — you’re sure she’s the one. You don’t want to scare her away. Perhaps you’ve been getting that fight or flight vibe? Mixed signals? Here are some simple truths on signs she’s ready.
She drops hints
As much as women have puzzling tendencies, they are the queens of subtle hints. If you are into your girlfriend enough to consider spending the rest of your life with her, you’ve got to listen to those subtle hints. One surefire way to tell she is waiting for you to pop the question is by simply listening to her. She will tell you in so many words. If you find her standing at a jeweler’s window talking about engagement rings—that may be your window of opportunity. There is an artful way women work their magic of letting you know heart’s desires. Certainly, some ladies work more bluntly, for example by leaving engagement ring ads scattered about the house. However, the femme fatales prefer to keep you guessing. Perhaps it’s your quick wit and determination that will win her over in the end, but all in all they want you to pick up what they lay down.
The future is a regular topic
A marriage takes a little planning between two people; therefore talking about the future is a must before taking the next step. If she is pressing you about your career outlook and even more importantly where you and her plan on living for the next several years, she’s thinking about your togetherness. Part of a compatible relationship with lasting strengths, certainly includes similar wants and desires. If she is testing the waters on where you both see yourselves in the next five years, that’s a big sign. There are many variables to choose from, and if she’s considering your future in connection with hers, you’ve got a noticeably strong bond.
Her role in your life is paramount
She talks about you to her friends and family because she values your time together. Not only that, she makes it clear her role in your life is of utmost importance. Perhaps it’s that intuitive behavior you both share, but plans are often put together with little words exchanged. The importance of you has steadily increased and you both are making intricate plans that depend on a fixed relationship status. Having a mutual attachment that signifies union before the question of marriage, generally signifies it’s time to ask the question. If your roads are parallel and moving forward, it sounds like a match. She tells you about her feelings for you, and how she wants to be a part of your big steps in life—she’s made plans already to be an important figure in your life.
She’s talking about her wedding
If your girlfriend starts to open up about how she would organize her wedding, she’s planning it in her head with you. Women never want to scare away a guy they really like —or love. When the topic of conversation details a hilltop ghost town somewhere in Colorado and how it would make an excellent wedding venue, there’s something happening. She’s sharing her ideal wedding day with you and she feels comfortable enough to know you won’t get cold feet. If your girl is feeling secure, and even more she’s spending time fantasizing about her big day with you, she already knows you are ready. By sharing these ideas, she’s testing the waters, setting a benchmark on how you react. Additionally, she wants to be clear about her ideal event so you can succeed.
Once you’ve assured yourself it’s time to propose and listened to all the signs, make sure you plan accordingly— make it a moment she will never forget.