You found the perfect dress!  Whether it took months of tedious searching or you fell in love at first fitting, it’s a real relief to have that monumental task crossed off of your big day checklist.  You aren’t done styling your ensemble yet, though…
It’s time for bridal accessories!  The most important part of your day is creating a look that you’ll feel confident and comfortable walking down the aisle in.  Bridal jewelry shopping does not have to be a difficult task, but there are some important rules that you should keep in mind when making your decisions.
First Things First, What’s Your Hue?
It’s no secret that wedding dresses, traditionally speaking, are white.  But not every shade of white is the same!  It’s important to know the shade of your dress before you pick your jewelry.  You want to pick a base metal that doesn’t clash with the color of your material!
Is your dress a pure, bright white?  Stay away from gold wedding jewelry.  The warmer tones in the metal will clash with the intense white of your gown, so stick to platinum or silver base metals for the pieces that you choose.
If your dress is a barely off-white shade, you’re in the clear for most any metal.  Gold, silver, platinum, pearl… you get the drift—it’s the perfect complement for any metal that you could think of!
Ivory dresses tend to have yellow undertones and a softer feel than other shades.  This shade of white is best suited for accents of gold and rose gold.
When you pick a base metal, stick with it!  With the exception of your wedding band, your entire bridal jewelry set should have matching metal bases.  Mixing metals will cause a visual dissonance that distracts from your gorgeous gown.
Spicing Up Your Neckline
Once you know what your base metal will be, you need to consider the neckline of your dress.  The way your dress is cut gives you more or less décolletage space to work with—should you focus on bridal earrings, necklaces, or bracelets?

Halter: This neckline is a statement in itself, so it’s best to keep that the focal point of your décolletage and stay away from necklaces.  Whether you choose earrings or a bracelet (or both) keep them simple!  A long, single-strand diamond drop earring is elegant without being overbearing.
High-neck: A high-neck gown leaves no space for a necklace either.  As with a halter neckline, choose a dainty earring.  You don’t want anything too long and large, so stay away from chandelier earrings.  If you like the dangling aspect, pick a shorter drop earring.  A bold cuff bracelet is a great way to accessorize this more modest neckline as well.
V-neck: This cut basically begs for some type of necklace, and the possibilities are pretty open.  A simple pendant necklace or a single strand of pearls will create a simple and classic visual.  Feeling more adventurous?  Try out a crystal choker!
Sweetheart: Whether it has straps or not, a dress with a sweetheart cut is all about that darling neckline.  The best accessories are a pair of chandelier earrings or an elaborate bracelet.  Is your heart set on wearing a necklace?  That’s fine, but keep it simple.  You don’t want to detract from this beautiful neckline.
Strapless: A straight cut strapless dress is the perfect partner for a statement piece.  Multiple strings of pearls or a larger piece filled with diamonds, crystals, or gems work perfectly with this cut.  Keep any accompanying earrings or bracelets inelaborate.

Pair a bracelet with some simple earrings to complement your halter neckline.
Don’t Be Afraid of Color!
Your bridal accessories don’t have to have the traditional, clear diamond or crystal look.  A hint of color will add a perfect pop that will only help to keep all eyes on you!
If you’re looking to add a some color to your wedding jewelry but don’t know where to begin, consider a gemstone that means something to you.  Use one from the birth month of yourself or your soon-to-be spouse!  Alternatively, if you’re still looking for that something blue, consider incorporating sapphire into your earrings or necklace.  Don’t be afraid to tie in your wedding colors into your jewelry either!
The rule for adding color (really, for all of your bridal jewelry in general) is to not overdo it.  If your dress has lots of embellishments, keep the jewelry on a more subdued level.  This doesn’t mean that you can play with different pieces or add color, though!  Just tread lightly.
If your dress doesn’t have much embellishment and you’re feeling very adventurous, explore color-changing gemstone options for a statement piece in your wedding jewelry!
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