Valentine’s Day immediately stokes red roses, heart shaped boxes and romantic gestures. It’s the holiday to declare your love for someone, and even more—shower them with affection. Rooted in the pagan festival Lupercalia, which celebrated fertility; Valentine’s Day can now be associated with the Christian patron St. Valentine. In the modern era, Hallmark as stolen some of the romance and made it into a commercial affair that may get millennials turning up their noses. However, when the day of declaring love for someone arrives, there are ways to share your love story with personal charm—mainly jewelry.
However, jewelry is rather broad in scale. It’s actually a narrow spectrum that conjures up romance to show that special someone how much you care for them.
Love in the shape of a heart
It may be obvious, but the heart-shaped ring, necklace or charm makes an excellent gift. The trick here is picking the right piece to suit your lady friend. Heart shaped jewelry can come across as tacky or even corny. However, with a well-trained eye, heart-shaped jewelry can be your ticket to years and years of warm thoughts. Small heart-shaped pendants with a unique mold made of precious metals, such as gold, will certainly bring a smile to any girls lips. Even more, heart-shaped rings with the same workmanship or gemstones that are well crafted will have equal approval.
Love tokens
Gemstones made of pink or chocolate diamonds carry effective results. Colors associated with romance are red, whites, pinks and chocolates. Obtaining a ring, necklace or earrings encrusted with such colors give women more than a piece of jewelry; it gives them a token of love. Chocolate diamonds are brown, which makes an excellent conversation starter since they have only recently risen in popularity. Certainly diamonds and chocolate or the combination of the two cannot be a bad idea. Furthermore, there are other noteworthy colors. Diamonds are available in pink as are other precious gemstones. Pink is a popular color for the soft undertones and feminine qualities. If red is what you are in search of, rubies and garnets are an excellent option. A garnet or ruby encrusted bracelet will be her highlight for sure.
The traditionalist
If your lady is a traditionalist, a string of pearls may be your best bet. Pearls have a romantic appeal about them that bodes well as a Valentines gift. Even more, pearls come from the sea a place of currents, caverns and underwater mystic that any lover of nature will appreciate. When worn, pearls give any woman a sense of class for their cultured appeal that begs tribute to Jackie-O. Pearl necklaces make any dress or outfit classy, and that will always in turn make your lady friend feel the same.
Don’t forget that diamonds are a girl’s best friend
Let it be known, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. If you are on the fence about what to get the woman you love, why not a pair of diamond earrings? These will evoke a sense of real joy to any lady. The best things about a diamond, besides lasting forever (which is the kind of statement you’ll want to say) is the fact, diamond earrings can be worn with anything. Diamond earrings sparkle, a pair of studs can be her go to pair of earrings day in and day out —a gift she will never forget.
Engagement rings
Finally, it must be said: if you are in love and ready to make your feelings official, proposing on Valentine’s Day is an opportunity not to be missed. An engagement ring should bare all the significant traits you would choose if you proposed on July 4th. In other words, an engagement ring should carry the appeal of her taste. For this reason the ring you choose, whether it’s vintage sapphire, princess cut diamond or the traditional diamond ring you both have been eyeing —the ring will achieve the answer you are searching.