Organizing Your Winter Jewelry Box for a Long, Warm Summer
Ever had a case of the snarled necklace that remains in a stubborn entanglement after you’ve been wrestling with it for 10 minutes?
It’s obvious good jewelry organization prevents annoying issues like the magic transformation of chains into tightly wound, metal blobs. But what about the more obscure reasons for the declining state of your jewelry?

When you get ready to put away your winter pieces for safekeeping, be sure to store them in a way that ensures they’ll be in perfect condition when you pull them out months from now. Remaining mindful of cleaning techniques, jewelry organization, space for each piece and environmental considerations can guard your gems and metals from ruin.

Keep Your Jewelry Safe and Organized Until Next Season
One important point in jewelry storage remains paying attention to where you keep your jewels and what you place them with. Don’t store your stones or gems in high humidity, and keep them away from extreme temperatures, like a hot car in the summer. Casoro Jewelry Safes advises against bringing your jewelry from a very cold place, like an in-ground safe in the winter, to a warm place, as the transition could damage some types of jewelry.   
Zelm Collections also recommends refraining from storing your jewelry in a safety-deposit box for a long time. Some stones, like opals and emeralds, can sustain damage from the dryness. If you must store it for a while, try adding a moist cloth with the jewelry to combat the arid environment.
As for grouping your jewelry with others when you organize, Zelm Collections suggests separating gold, silver and gems. The different pieces can scratch one another. To be on the safe side, try designating each piece into soft pouches so it isn’t touching any other jewelry.
It’s a usual practice to remove rings or bracelets before washing dishes or taking off all jewelry before showering. However, applying makeup when you’re wearing jewelry increases the risk your jewelry will dull. Also, Zelm Collections warns against cleaning with jewelry on, as some cleaning supplies contain harsh chemicals that can scratch or discolor stones and metals.
Considering environment and organization when storing winter jewelry can leave it looking just as perfect for next year
Get Creative with Your Jewelry Storage
Feeling artsy when it comes to storing your jewelry? Opt out of the traditional jewelry box and head for something more intriguing to the eye. Got a slew of chunky bangles? The Huffington Post recommends using a tabletop sculpture that allows room on which to place your bangles.
Instead of cardboard boxes in which to set each piece, try decorative porcelain bowls. Stack your gems on a beautiful cake stand or hang them on a rod that attaches to the wall. If your husband or roommate insisted mounting an animal head in your house, use the antlers to hang your necklaces on to compromise.
Reader’s Digest suggests transforming household items into jewelry organizers. Try a used egg carton or a clothing hanger. Even a pill organizer could prove useful for separating small earrings or rings. If you hold function over form, try a jewelry organizer from somewhere like the Container Store.    

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