Just like your love, your proposal, your wedding, and your marriage, your wedding rings should be unique to you. In appreciation of all that makes your love so unique, we at Reiner’s Fine Jewelry are proud to feature top collections that satisfy every personal style and desire, including Crown Ring, Stuller, Benchmark, and Goldman. Today we are spotlighting Benchmark Wedding Bands.

Spotlight on Designer Rings from Benchmark: 

One exciting designer available in the Reiner’s Fine Jewelry showroom and on our website is Benchmark. Founded in 1970, Benchmark is dedicated to designing and creating the best wedding rings in the world.

They operate from the belief that quality comes from craft and craft comes from precision. Every corner of any brilliant Benchmark-created piece has been meticulously planned. These origins of excellence are derived from the drawing board; where everything starts and where creativity unites with functionality to manifest the very finest of wedding rings.

Using a variety of popular metals, textures, patterns, and stones, Benchmark offers inspired designs that reflect the personal taste of the wearer. Whether you prefer a simple metal band, a bold texture, or a little bling, Benchmark has the wedding band to match your style.


Explore Benchmark Wedding Bands at our Houston showroom or browse wedding bands online HERE.