Six of the Latest Engagement Ring Trends in Houston, Texas
Thinking of popping the question soon? You can check the engagement ring off of your worry list. With so many cool trends, your engagement ring search will most likely end with a painless trip to a Houston jewelry store and a ring she’ll adore. Does she fancy traditional style or does she prefer a modern twist? Perhaps an ornate cut or aclean‐lined band? It’s all in, and with so many styles, you’ll be able to find exactly what she likes. Check out the newest engagement ring trends, then hit the jewelry counter to choose the most precious symbol of your love. 
● Three Stones: 
Third time’s the charm—at least for engagement ring stones. Stone settings of three can come in any shape or color, but princess and cushion cuts remain the most popular for the style. With clean lines, simplicity and timelessness, athree‐stone engagement ring stands as a safe bet for a piece she’ll like. 

● Floral Accents: 
Choose a ring with a little sweetness, a dash of whimsicality and a touch of nature. Floral accents on engagement rings can include flowers, petals, and even vines. Make the blossoms sparkle with diamonds and add a few colored gems to enliven the scene. Show her your love remains perennial with a timeless bouquet on her engagement ring.

● Rose Gold: 
Give the shine an essence of femme with a rose gold engagement ring. Rose gold gives a sense of traditionality in its hues of pink and yellow. Gleaming as a mix of gold and copper, rose gold on an engagement ring can accompany a combination of yellow and white gold or stand alone.  

● Colored Gemstones: 
Break away from the so‐so and bolden your ring with color. Colored gemstones catch the eyes of ring admirers and show onlookers she’s not afraid to be audacious. What’s her favorite color? Choose from a palette of sapphire, ruby, emerald, amethyst and an array of other colored gemstones. For a flash of mystery, try a black diamond.
● Vintage Style: 
Longing for the old days? A vintage style engagement ring will give your
soon‐to‐be fiancée a true one‐of‐a‐kind piece. Choose an ornate ring with a Victorian flair or move to modern with an art deco style. Aside from interesting conversation pieces, vintage engagement rings lend a sense of the quest you endured to find it, representing the distances you would go for love. 

● Oval and Pear‐Shaped Diamonds: 
Get a sparkling look with an interesting change. Oval and pear‐shaped diamonds retain the expected shine of an engagement ring yet offer a different presentation. It’s status quo meets stepping out, and it’s in.  

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