Fall is by far the most romantic season, the tipping point before major holiday affairs. A season of closure after a year of growth, fall is the occasional summer breeze that embraces winter change. Nature takes a pause allowing those noteworthy colors to unfold across mountain ranges. Dry, brittle golden colors span from rusty reds to sunset oranges, making clear just what the focal point is in a fall wedding. The ambiance is a given; however weddings take a lot of planning, and seasonal considerations are a must. Here are some tips for planning a memorable wedding in a season of uncertainty and exceptional beauty.
Your Natural Selection
Location is the most important factor when planning a seasonal wedding. For fall weddings there are several must haves at your venue. Primarily, a venue should be chosen that could accommodate unforeseeable weather elements. Just as important, natural scenery should be displayed. Therefore, the delicate balance of the two concepts cannot be compromised. In the fall, weather is unpredictable. Warm days and cool nights are common, but with the added element of possible showers, freezing temperatures and storms, shelter with warm confines should be sought after.
Search for a venue with a barn or shelter that can reasonably accommodate your entire reception party. With a warm, indoor option, you won’t have to spend your wedding day anxious about weather turning for the worst. In addition, your venue should offer excellent outdoor backdrops for wedding photography and even your ceremony (weather permitting)! Fall is a unique time of year, with life on pause; nature dispenses a color range of warm sumptuous tones to set the mood for the entire event.
Safety Guaranteed
Wedding venues offering indoor structures and beautiful surrounding scenery are certainly ideal and often hard to book due to high demand. However, there are a few notable drawbacks that deserve consideration. Locations, such as the described above, typically reside in rural settings, along dangerous roadways. To add a little caution, your guests are most likely drinking. Safe passage, such as designated drivers or nearby lodging is worth adding to your to-do list.
Finally, simple precautions such as walkways and stairways should be taken into consideration. Slick surfaces during wet cold weather with a blanket of moist fallen leaves can be hazardous. You certainly don’t want Uncle Ed taking a leap of faith in the wrong direction. Make sure there are sturdy railings near stairways and good lighting for safe passage on foot.
Know Your Look
Everyone knows fall weddings take on warm, adhesive tones that nature unfolds. Rich burgundy, mocha, rusted orange and golden sunlit tones should be adorned everywhere from your bridesmaids to the flower arrangements.
A change up in groomsmen can add a subtle complement by choosing gray suites. Coupled with the warm, bold tones accented between flower arrangements and bridesmaids, groomsmen will add a cool contrast that stands out from the surrounding terrain.
Table arrangements can go rustic, using tree bark, wood blocks and twisted willow stalks. These arrangements can be used to note table numbers, names and candleholders. Dry flower arrangements accented with some green make an elegant contrast. Try little vintage lanterns, or fairy lights to add a soft romantic glow and white lanterns can be hung in bundles for a magical glow. Furthermore, adding traditional fall elements is almost expected. Winter squash, gourds and bunches of straw can be arranged for a fall harvest theme. Mini pumpkins make great table settings, their orange color adding flare to browns and whites already laid. Or dot your tables with baby pine trees, guests can take them home for a lasting memory of your day.
Bridal Tendencies
The bride needs to feel comfortable and worry free. Accessorizing with gold, dainty jewelry is a simple addition for an elegant fall wedding. Warm colored stones such as amber, citrine or a peridot compliment whites and warm fall tones. After picking the perfect wedding gown, shoes are one of the most important elements to the wardrobe. Depending on the venue, shoes that can withstand cooler temperatures and varied terrain are generally in demand due to the rural settings for a fall wedding. These days, warm and comfy cowboy boots are making the rounds as a brides best bet for wedding shoes. With this excellent option, a bride can keep those toes cozy and get a nice two-step in for her big kickoff.