Miss 2015 already? Some elements of the passing year remain better kept behind the glass. Yet last year’s nostalgic jewelry popularities will have you wishing to turn back the clock. Reminisce with a review of five iconic trends of 2015.
Art Deco
The perfect combination of modernity and elegance. The energy of the 1930s powered through art deco jewelry designs in earrings and necklaces in 2015. Gleaming with opal and emerald, the art deco trend thrived on stair-step geometric shapes paired with smooth lines and a taste of flashiness.
If it doesn’t match, wear it. A trend of asymmetrical sorts remained popular in earrings in 2015, spurring an abundance of mismatched pairs of cool and warm-toned gems or dangling and stud metals. The number of earrings differed too, with some wearing varied amounts and styles on each ear and others sporting just a single earring on one while leaving the other bare.
A return to the earth. Tribal fashion inspired a bohemian flair for jewelry in 2015, mixing metals and gems and adding in natural touches, like feathers, leaves and leather. Stacking up rings, bracelets and necklaces replaced clean classic with a laid-back, earthy style. Jewelry with a gypsy feel also scored big, sparking the trend of large hoops and dangling feather earrings as well as turquoise and moonstone gems.
Warm metals shined brightly in 2015, namely in rich tones of brass. It was everywhere, from whimsical, geometric earrings to Victorian-era pendant necklaces. Though it’s notorious for turning and leaving skin green after prolonged wear, brass still prevailed as a top metal for jewelry in 2015.
Nostalgia left its mark on necklaces as chokers made a remarkable comeback. Class played a role in 2015 as chokers expanded from their “tatooish”, emblematic look of black plastic. Sleek metal, colorful beads and tasteful gems composed the tightly bound necklaces, placing a sophisticated twist on the formerly grunge-oriented piece.
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