Sticking with your New Year’s resolution is a challenge. It’s after work, you’re tired and you’d rather just eat dinner and watch Netflix instead of going to the gym. As you feel your motivation slipping, it seems as though your New Year’s resolution to lose weight is impossible to stick to.
But it doesn’t have to be. When you’ve got a reminder to get you going, it turns the annoying shoulder tapping into an encouragement. People who have New Year’s goals are now using charm bracelets and other jewelry to represent their resolutions and their victories.
It doesn’t matter which style or charm variety you choose. The importance stems from the motivative trinkets that are most symbolic to what you want to achieve.
Ways to Wear It
Any jewelry piece will do, and the only person who can say what it represents is you. Want to strive to be healthier? Maybe a heart necklace or bracelet will remind you to protect the very thing that keeps you going.
Perhaps you’re trying to save money to travel a city you’ve always wanted to visit, like London. Wearing a bracelet adorned with charms of a double decker bus, the Union Jack flag, a taxi and the Elizabeth Tower can inspire you to put your money in the bank rather than blowing it on a short-term expense.
Every gem is known to have a meaning. Adding certain gems to earrings, rings or bracelets in accordance with your New Year’s resolution serves as a cool way to exude beauty and drive at the same time. A bright bloodstone may prompt you to be courageous and brilliant to go after a promotion at work.
If you’re shooting for simplicity in your everyday life, a pair of crystal earrings may do the job. Aim to overcome fears with a blue topaz and find peaceful relief from anxiety with jade.
How It Can Help You Be Your Best Self
Wearing your favorite pieces throughout the day means your jewelry always sticks close to you. When internal or external obstacles come your way, like the urge to anger quickly rather than to practice patience for your New Year’s resolution, your jewelry can symbolically remind you to keep pushing toward your goal.
It represents an agreement with yourself that better habits bring a healthier body and mind. And choosing any jewelry as a symbol remains the coolest part.
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