Congratulations!  You’ve decided that you want to get married! It’s the first step to the rest of your life.  Now all you have is the ring shopping, the proposal, the wedding…  
We get that this can seem a bit overwhelming and even more so if you want it to be a total surprise.  How can you make sure your partner gets the perfect ring size and style without tipping her off to your intentions?
It’ll be a bit of a process, but the look of utter surprise and happiness on her face will make it all worth it.
Ring Sizing Stealth Tricks
Obviously you can’t just come right out and ask for a ring size if you’re trying to keep your girl totally in the dark before you drop down on one knee.  Your level of inconspicuousness depends on how much you can trust those around you and your loved one.
If you don’t want to trust someone to help you figure out your ring size, play pretend.  Convince your girlfriend that you want to buy one of your female relatives (mother, aunt, sister, cousin, whoever) a ring for a birthday, holiday, or other occasion, and that you want to surprise them.  
Make sure that their fingers are similar in size to your girlfriend so she buys into the ruse, and use her ring size as a “reference” for that made up gift.  If you really want to sell your pretense, actually buy an inexpensive ring.
Is your girlfriend a heavy sleeper?  Use this to your advantage. You can order a ring sizer for as cheap as $10 online, and when she’s sleeping, you can slip it around her finger to see which fits her best.  
If she’s too light a sleeper for that to work, you can borrow one of the rings that she has already.  It’s a great method to find out for certain and fly under the radar.  Of course, you need to make sure it’s one that fits her now and that she wears it on her ring finger, which isn’t too difficult if you pay attention.
Are you a fan of trivia and random facts, or is your girlfriend?  A quirky way to find her ring size is with a “fun fact.”  Tell your girlfriend that if you take your shoe size, divide it by two, and then add three, it will sum up to your ring finger size.  She’ll probably walk through the calculations herself and offer up her actual ring size in comparing it to the answer that she gets from your “fact.”
If you think you can trust someone close to her, ask her best friend or mom for help.  Even if they don’t know her ring size off the top of their heads, you can come up with a plan for them to ask her.  That way, there will be a certain degree of separation, and she won’t automatically think of you and an engagement.
If you’re watching television with your girlfriend, ask her opinion of some of the rings in jewelry commercials to get an idea of what she likes.
Ring Style Tips
As far as style goes, the longer term you can plan, the better.  If you really want her to be surprised, you can’t just ask her questions a few weeks before you plan to propose.  She’ll definitely know something is up.
The more casual the conversation is, the better.  Do you guys watch TV together?  If you get lucky enough to see a jewelry commercial, make a comment about what they showed in the commercial, and she’ll probably offer up her own opinion.  Has a friend of yours just gotten engaged?  Ask her what her opinion of the friend’s ring is.
Again, if you can trust her friends or mom, enlist their help.  There’s a very good possibility that they’ve already discussed this, maybe even on multiple occasions.
If you’re worried that those are too risky to try, look at the jewelry that she already owns.  There’s a good chance that if the majority is white gold or platinum, she won’t want an engagement ring that’s yellow, rose, or any other color of gold.
Does her jewelry have a modern and up-to-date feel?  Stick to that theme.  Is it vintage?  Look for something that has an older feeling.  There’s no doubt that she’ll want her engagement ring to stand out, so it doesn’t have to match her current jewelry collection. However, it’s a good starting point.  

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