Jewelry is like the icing on a freshly baked cake- the finishing touch that wraps up the whole thing. Jewelry can add life to any outfit, as long as you know how to accessorize. Knowing how to accessorize your outfit is the perfect way to wrap up your entire ensemble. With the various amounts of jewelry and accessory trends available, styling your accessories is practically an art. We’ve come up with some simple tips to help you improve your accessorizing and add life to your look.
Have Focal Piece
When choosing your jewelry, it is important to find one memorable piece to become the focal point of your entire outfit. When deciding on your accessories for the day, pick one piece to work around. This focal piece can be large statement ring, a wide cuff, or memorable necklace. After choosing your focal piece, you can work around it by adding smaller, complimentary pieces that are not as flashy as your centerpiece. With a statement ring, choose a simple bracelet or stack the ring with a similar bad. If you choose a wide cuff or a chunky bracelet as your focal point, try stacking them with smaller, complimentary bracelets. For statement necklaces, forgo other necklaces and let your focal piece steal the show.
Layer, Layer, Layer
Everyone has heard the old phrase “Less is more”, but when it comes accessorizing, more is more. Layering your jewelry pieces can have a dramatic impact on the overall look of your outfit. Choosing multiple, complimentary bracelets can add unique, worldly touch to your outfit and give you a unique style. Stacking your rings can give your fingers sparkle and flatter any outfit. Mixing several necklaces in various shapes and lengths can look festive and chic. However, when layering pieces, it is important to remember to only choose one area to layer and allow that to be the centerpiece of your look.
Mix and Match
When putting together your outfit, do not be afraid to mix and match, especially with metals, textures, and colors. Try mixing silver pieces with gold pieces to dress up your outfit. You can also mix leather cuffs with metal bracelets to give your outfit a edgy twist. Mixing and match can also work with earrings. A huge trend on the 2015 runways has been mismatching earrings to create a focal point for an outfit.
Add Some Color
Another simple way to step up your jewelry game is to throw some color into the mix. Mixing in bright necklaces, colorful woven bracelets, or beautiful gemstone rings can brighten up your look. Adding pops of color into your accessories, especially while pairing them with metal pieces, can make your jewelry stand out and add a unique factor to your outfit.
Accessories add the finishing touches on any outfit, giving you the pop and sparkle you need to complete your look. Our helpful tips should help you know what accessories will bring your outfit to the next level. However, to make sure your ensemble finishes strong, be sure to choose quality pieces that will stand out without looking cheap. At Reiner’s, we have the perfect pieces to help you finish off any outfit.