To a lot of people, a new year is all about a clean slate. Another year on the calendar is like a fresh start and gives us the opportunity (or an excuse, if we’re looking for one) to change some parts of our life. For some of us, those parts that we’re ready to change can be very personal, emotional aspects. For others, it’s about aesthetic change. We’re ready and committed to get into a new fitness routine or start a new diet. Who isn’t after the holiday season?
It’s a pretty common thing to lose sight of a resolution after a few weeks, or even days. Hey, we’re all human! We can only do so much. If you’re looking for a resolution that you can actually complete (and easily, if you know where to look) try amping up your jewelry. A great way to start is by donning new statement jewelry at all of your New Year festivities.
Certainly we’ve all seen some example of statement jewelry, whether it’s a piece that’s brightly colored or bigger than average in size. These pieces don’t have to be gaudy or uncomfortably large. There does exist some really great fine jewelry statement pieces, and we’ll highlight a few of those options to help you find the right piece to complement those outfits you’re planning for New Year events.
You may not think pearls when you think of a statement piece, but we’ll convince you otherwise. Pearls are classic. Iconic even.  As pretty as they are naturally, you can go above and beyond that traditional single string of white pearls to really make a statement with your fashion.
Layer multiple strings of pears of various lengths and even varying color against a sequin or sparkly to perfectly mix modern and classic. If necklaces aren’t your thing, layered pearl bracelets will have the same effect. A larger-than-life pearl ring can add the perfect flair, too.
Ring in the New Year with bold colors. A simple necklace chain with a gemstone pendant is an easy way to say something big with your fashion choices. A largely sized gemstone broach or ring will give you that same daring pop of color and keep all eyes on you. Choose a gem that complements your outfit, one that means something to you, or just one with a color that you like the most!
Last but not least…
Diamonds, of course! Diamonds will never go out of style and will always be a statement piece. Whether it’s a ring, pendant necklace, or bracelet, adding diamonds to whatever you wear to your New Year events is a surefire way to amp up your 2016 fashion.
At Reiner’s Jewelry, we can help you with all of your New Year statement pieces. Come in and check out our selection of pearls, diamonds, and gemstones to find something perfect for every occasion. Have something in mind already? We make custom jewelry based on the ideas that you dream up, too!