Ladies, it is the time to show your man how much you really care—it’s Valentine’s Day! Perhaps you are a hopeless romantic and Valentine’s Day does not easily pass by your radar, or you simply want to show your honey how much you care. Especially for the fact we all know every year he’s sweating it trying to get that curve in your lips that breathe an ooh or an ahhh. Let’s reward our hardworking, over achieving warriors for peace and love. Let’s be the gift givers that get him feeling special.
Step Up Your Game
Since we are living in the modern era and an array of unique gift idea’s are only a mouse click away, the trick is to start thinking about what you want to get your man now. Department stores, grocery stores and super stores have all got their fingers in the consumer pie. It’s actually hard to miss early warning signs for any holiday now days. But why not give something that begs a personal touch something that took a little more time than simply strolling down an aisle and slipping it into your shopping cart. A box of chocolates will certainly be appreciated, but why not go the extra mile by ordering handmade chocolates from a local chef? There is a growing number of chefs that cater to personal requests and special holiday gift boxes, even more they ship nationwide.
Take Notice of His Sensibilities
This year make a choice based on your man’s sensibilities. Think about what your sweetheart likes to do with his spare time. Is he an outdoors guru or an indoor game junkie? These character traits matter. It’s time you cater to his sensibilities. In doing so, you will tell him how much you love and appreciate him for who he is.
Add Style Not Cliché
This year avoid the cliché and choose something that not only adds style to his life, but also assures him of your thoughtful actions. Since Valentine’s Day tags along with the winter season it’s an excellent opportunity to spruce up his winter wardrobe. There are several options that make a thoughtful gesture without being over the top. A handmade scarf (pay close attention to the material) made of soft materials that won’t cause him any discomfort or allergies makes a wonderful gift. Men typically own one or two scarves, as they prefer accessories that blend with any item in their closet. Therefore, you should follow their lead. As an alternative and equally thoughtful gift, try a pair of cozy slippers that knock his socks off —no pun intended! Winter warmers are a great way to get him thinking about you and feeling warm and fuzzy all through the cold season.
Upgrade the Gadgets
Maybe your man loves gadgets. The good news is there are a lot of them out there. From handheld devices to miniature boom boxes, a scroll through any gift idea website will get your wheels turning. Gadgets that bode a romantic note typically set a personal tone such as a deluxe shaving kit. The old fashioned shaving kits can be average in style all the way to finely made with an elegant badger hair shaving brush and slice of life razor blade that beckons the smoothest cheeks.
Get Sentimental
However if fancy is what your into this year, look no further than Reiner’s! Why not try a pair of cufflinks that yell “man of style”? Cufflinks make an excellent addition to any man’s wardrobe. Even more, they add a personal touch of style. What better way to show him how much you care than to choose his personal touch for the next special occasion. Alternatively, and equally fancy Reiner’s Fine Jewelry has got both a functional and finely made gift: Personalized money clips! They come in many styles and can be personalized to make that special someone enjoy a perfect lasting gift. So ladies, don’t be afraid to make your man swoon this Valentine’s Day with a thoughtful and personal gift that will let him know how much he is loved.