Do you like to buy items because they look different from what everyone else has? Or maybe you’re super picky about what you wear and can’t seem to find many pieces that live up to your standards.
While some may take your choosiness with scorn, your taste for quality means you’re out for something better. The search can prove brutal when you’re trying to find an accessory that’s fit to your liking, especially when it comes to buying jewelry. Step away from the woes of ordinary and express your uniqueness with custom-made, handcrafted jewelry.
Mass Produced or Custom Made?
Don’t mistake shopping mall jewelry for custom hardware and design. While some higher-end department stores may sell works of artisanship, many other stores offer jewelry massively produced by machines, known as commercial jewelry.
Commercial jewelry tends to be made with lower-grade materials that break and turn easily. Since most are produced in sweatshops, commercial jewelry often lacks quality aesthetics because most people who buy it aren’t educated about them.
Those who seek out quality aesthetics in their jewelry opt for designer jewelry, where the pieces come from artistically designed collections. Though it may be mass produced, designer jewelry master models are made by artisans skilled in jewelry making.
Looking for rare materials or top-notch designs in your fine jewelry? High-end designer jewelry tends to be fairly expensive, but it’s crafted by experts and often contains jewels so unusual it’s unable to be reproduced.
If you’re looking for a combination of one-of-a-kind aesthetic appeal and quality, custom jewelry remains the ultimate choice. It’s crafted by highly skilled artisans, and it brings tangibility to your vision of a piece that matches exactly what you want. There’s no limits, and you get to work closely with the jeweler making your piece.
When You Can’t Find It, Create It
You’re tired of going to buy a piece of jewelry and being confined to a slew of trendy pieces to choose from. Instead of being totally happy with your jewelry, you’re forced to purchase it out of a compromise.
But it’s not impossible to have the jewelry you want. Go for custom jewelry. Instead of an accessory, it’s an art. It’ll last longer, and you won’t run into anyone else at a party with the same piece.
How It’s Done
To make your custom jewelry piece, a jeweler sketches it out on paper. Once you approve it, the jeweler uses computer-aided design to create an electronic illustration. He or she makes a wax model to the size and scale of the piece.
After your final okay, the jeweler creates a precious metal cast of the model. Last-minute touches of finishing, polishing and stone setting complete your piece. Now you can show your work of art to the world.
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