Vibrantly colored gems and a sense of irregularity set the stage for jewelry in 2015, sparking a notion of stepping out and breaking free from tradition. Jewelry styles mirror the expression of individuality with pieces that fit one’s personality and differ from those of friends. Clean lines and tailored styles reflect the modernity in jewelry fashion, yet a touch of vintage in ornate engraved designs and retro cuts remains.
As for bridal trends, modified halos containing twists and bends have rooted themselves as classics and as popular picks for 2015. Stones have taken a trendier turn with cuts like marquise and pear shape coming back in style and oval, radiant and Asscher cuts gaining popularity. Colored stones mark one of the hottest trends, with brides choosing colors like yellow, pink and turquoise. Sapphire is also a top choice for stones; however, many brides are reserving the colored gems for side stones.
Brides are embracing more modern and classic metals, avoiding more traditional choices, like yellow gold, that typically reflect styles of older women. White metals claim the top spot in jewelry fashion for 2015, with occasional touches of rose or gold. Women are not the only ones breaking out of the mold. Wedding bands for men have taken a style of their own, as many are adorned with diamonds, etching or bordering on gold or platinum.
General jewelry trends have taken a nontraditional approach as well, with many pieces being casual, unique and inspired by nature. Jewelry styles reflect the approach of ‘more is better.’ Earrings and bracelets contain assorted clusters of large, colorful gems, pearls and metals. Necklaces are trending from pendants and chokers to layered looks. And tough, chunky jewelry styles combine novelty with modernity. Asymmetry and irregularity have trampled commonality for 2015 jewelry fashion, encompassing the concepts of mismatching and individualism.