Choosing your wedding theme
We all struggle with existential questions in life. Is there a God? Why aren’t there Wienerschnitzels in Houston? Siri, what is the meaning of life? (Siri tells me it’s 42). And the one that leaves everyone grasping for straws: What is our wedding theme?
Why theme your wedding? A theme or some sort of coherent concepts will tie together the personal elements of your wedding and create a mood to your loved ones that illustrates who you and your boo-thang are as a couple.
So before you bump into some corners, here is a proverbial helmet of 5 things to consider when choosing a theme:
Choose your spot
Most likely, your venue is going to be a reflection of elements you and your partner already like. Try to stray away from the typical banquet hall for the reception and start with urban loft spaces or secret gardens. Luckily, being in the South, you can also have the reception site in a plantation home … think Gone With the Wind-chic. Given this setting, a Little Mermaid themed affair could seriously cramp the house’s charm.
Look within
What do we like? How do we like to have fun? What are our styles? These are the questions that should underlie many of your wedding planning decisions. We get caught up in what we think a wedding should be, rather than planning it around you as a couple. After all, that’s what you’re celebrating. If you’re both outdoorsy types, or if you met through your mutual love of salsa dancing, or if your dog is a huge part of your lives, then consider incorporating these elements.
Think about your fashion style and home décor too. Take a look in your closet. What kind of style do you have? Are your clothes simple with clean lines? Are they a bit quirky? How is your living room decorated? You have a unique style that defines you; try to fuse that in with your theme.
Pin, pin, pin!
You can pin, read and poke about on the Internet to illuminate a theme path. You may notice you are being consistently drawn to rustic and antique trends. You can also learn that mismatched palette bridesmaid’s dresses work for you! Running through other people’s wedding boards and grabbing what speaks to you can help you further define your style.
Think about your “Back to the Future” moments
Picture yourself as Michael J. Fox in the Delorean jamming to Huey Lewis and the News. Your Hobbit-themed wedding with Dwarf groomsmen and Elvish bridesmaids may seem hilarious now, but will you love it in your golden years? You can do funny kitschy stuff or go with the 2016 trends, but timeless may be best.
Ask for a helping hand
Conversations with the decoratively gifted members of your family can give you a plethora of ideas and make for pretty sturdy bonding time as well. Think about family members who have the gilded interior touch or even materials/objects you can borrow to make your venue look smashing.